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About Us.

Returning Green was created by the Wolf Rock Design team, a brother-sister-business based in Massachusetts. As siblings growing up in New England, we spent as much time as we could outside, whether it was in sunshine, rain or a couple feet of snow. That connection to nature stuck with us, and we started Wolf Rock Design as a way to honor two important things - our community and the earth.

Our team is focused on how we can return to the simple things and move forward in a positive way. We are excited to share resources, learn from featured experts, connect with one another and get inspired!

Wolf Rock Design
Steph Trebino


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Born an optimist, I love exploring new ways of doing things. I’m very curious about how we connect to the world around us and get easily excited about all things wellness. Mindfulness practices have become a big part of my life as a way to ground me, along with spending time outside. Time spent in nature has grown my respect for the planet - I love learning about ways we can benefit from, and balance, our relationship with the earth.

I went to Providence College with a plan to major in Art History. After taking a few business courses, I pivoted and graduated with a degree in Accounting. I worked in corporate accounting for the next ten years, while simultaneously exploring ways to bring more creativity and intention into my life. This exploration helped fuel the creation of Wolf Rock Design - innovation that's driven by daily inspiration and curiosity.

Andrew Trebino


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As a nature and animal lover, I've always had a dream of combining my passion for innovation with advocating for the environment. Nature is where I get my best thinking done. I love going on hikes and walks as much as possible, even if it's just a walk through local neighborhood trails. I'm also currently expanding my gardening knowledge so I can work towards my goal of having a New England farm where I grow my food year round.

I graduated from Suffolk College in Boston with an Economics degree and worked in Tech Sales for most of my corporate career. I am a naturally curious person and love coming up with innovative solutions to everyday life problems. My love of product design helped lead to the creation of Wolf Rock Design, and I'm excited to focus on ways we can generate a better future for ourselves and for the environment.

Sustainable Community


You can usually find me hanging out in the snack room. I take all my meetings as walking meetings and love to be outside where I can smell a good lead from a mile away. That being said, I have been known to block off my calendar and curl up on the sofa for a good snooze.


I have a passion for cooking. Well, I have a passion for watching people cook. I know that if I'm patient, I'll enjoy any food that finds its way to the floor.


I'm a rescue dog from Philozoia Animal Rescue in Southern California. My coat has been compared to that of a cow, and my temperament has been compared to... well, I guess a cow fits there too. I know when it's time to relax and have been a key part of the team in that respect. My main focus is creating a great company environment that everyone is excited to be a part of.

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