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Returning Green believes in the power of sustainable living to transform ourselves, our communities, and our planet. The idea for Returning Green began as a way to connect with nature. It has grown into an online community of people who are curious about exploring sustainability and wellness, with the support of like-minded people. All experience and knowledge levels are welcome. The only thing we ask is that you stay curious! By starting with changes in our daily lives, we can have a big impact on the world within and around us.


Returning Green expands the current understanding of sustainability. True sustainability achieves harmony between environmental and human wellness. What nourishes the earth and what truly nourishes our well-being is connected. Because of this, Returning Green is rooted in building a sustainable connection to both ourselves and nature. It's an invitation to take a mindful approach to life, with quality and joy as key factors. An approach that benefits the environment also benefits our own well-being.


This community is dedicated to exploring new ideas, sharing knowledge, learning from experts, and enjoying the journey. We're curious about solutions that are innovative, as well as tried and true methods that have been passed down through generations. From food, to design, to lifestyle, we want to know what you're curious about when it comes to living an authentic, and sustainable, lifestyle! 

Support the earth

Reasons to Join:

Returning Green is more than a platform; it's a journey designed to grow with us over time, nurturing our bond with nature, and strengthening our commitment to ourselves and future generations.  Here are some great features:

  • There are polls, prompts, posts, and questions to engage with. Community members can create their own posts and questions for the community. They can also bookmark any posts they want to revisit.

  • Topics are organized into "Spaces" where members can view, post, search, and follow other member's posts.

  • We organize virtual livestream interviews with experts in the industry, and live viewers can participate in Q&A sessions. All livestreams are recorded and saved to the site for future viewing.

  • Members can direct message other community members and and have group conversations. You can also choose to find members by general location, and connect with like minded people!

  • The community will organize virtual events and goals for members to participate in. Members can also create their own goals to share.

  • There is a resources library that has helped people navigate sustainable living, such as websites, books, businesses, trusted brands, etc.

  • + More!

Are you curious about composting? Sustainable cleaning practices? Mindfulness practices? Eco-friendly design? Natural pet care? Non-toxic building materials? Explore these topics and more for $5 per month. The first month is on the house!

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